Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthdays that are cherished.

Today is a very special birthday for one little girl, the day her Mom and Dad became her family. I am also very grateful for the choice her Birth Mother made becasue she helped make my choice as well. The day I got that profile in my hands and saw them holding that little two year old I knew they would be my daughter's family.  It is so strange the things we think of that would make the perfect family for our birth children. I had a two year old when I gave birth to my birth daughter and I knew she just had to have a sister. She had been hearing my daughter chatter for those nine months, I figured it was only fair to give her what I couldn't. She atleast deserved a sister to play dress up with or in our case ride dirt bikes with!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to that special little girl who completed the family I had pictured for my daughter.

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